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Why we do what we do.​

McMagical Productions is a non-profit organization that was created in memory of and with the inspiration from Barbara McKinsey, a young dance teacher who lost her courageous battle with lung cancer in June of 2013. We continue to fight her battle and help to support so many others who are still fighting. McMagical Productions serves those suffering from chronic diseases by raising money, raising awareness, and raising their spirits through the performing arts. 


Our focus has primarily been on raising funds and awareness for lung cancer research through donations to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation (formerly Free to Breathe,) but we are also working to support other causes as well.  For each of our production events, we choose one of the charities close to our hearts, and all proceeds from the event go towards a donation for that charity. The charity that is supported will be listed on each flier, and additional information about the charities will be available at our events.

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization and therefore any donations made to us can be deducted under IRC Section 170.


To learn more about the charities we support, please visit the links below:


Lung Cancer Research Foundation



NJ Cure HD (Huntington's Disease)

Wounded Warrier Project

Hereditary Disease Foundation


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